From the Grape to the Glass

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The “Vindima”

What better way to celebrate one of our finest creations than to be part of the manufacturing process since its very start? We love our wine so much, we want to give you a taste of the beginning of it all. Through the Wine-County Experience, we will take to you to a small family villa where you’ll be able to partake in the process of collecting the grapes, selecting the best ones and do squashing just like in the old days. The “Vindima” (Harvest) is secular tradition we want to share with you. Nothing says more PORTUGAL than the act of squashing grapes after a hot day followed with popular music, wood woven cooked bread with prosciutto and goat cheese.

Come and make wine, be Portuguese for a day.

A typical family Villa

Travel a short journey to a gorgeous and typical wine villa where our hosts are a family that makes true to our heritage every year by hosting a “Vindima” (Harvest) to all friends and family. You are one of us today.

Squash it like you mean it

Jump to the squashing tank and experience the ancient technique of making the juice that will become a hot and tasty wine in a few months. Feel the grapes under your feet and sing with us following the old Portuguese tradition of the “Vindima” (Harvest).

Get those grapes

Dress for work. Its not easy but its done with pleasure. Get on to the grapevines yard and start collecting those grapes into your casket. Feel the sweet smell of ripeness under the heat of our warm sun.

The Reward

At the end of the work comes the reward. After all is done, sit down to share the stories of the day while eating freshly baked bread in a wood-fired oven with a nice smoked ham, fresh chorizo and a delicious goat's cheese. Accompanied of course by a warm and rich red wine.

Does this look like fun?

Trip Itinerary

8:30 AM - Pick up
Meet us in a designated place for pickup and take the road up to Vineyard in a typical family Villa where you’ll spend your day
9:45 AM - Arrive at Villa
Get ready to work. Sun is coming up and it’s going to be hot. Let’s start collecting those grapes for a perfect wine you will taste next year.
12:15 PM - Lunch
Lunch time! After a hard-working morning you’ll need a hefty lunch that will give you the strength to endure a couple of more hours of collecting and getting those grapes ready for the squash.
5:00 PM - Smashing Time
Take off those shoes, wash your feet and raise your trousers up to the knees…its time to get your feet on top of those grapes and start smashing. It will feel weird at first, but once you start that motion the hard part will be to stop.
7:00 PM - The Reward
Time to get the best reward of the day. While you worked, fresh bread was cooked in an old wood oven and a 9-month cured ham was cut just for you to sit and enjoy its flavours while sipping down a warm and nice red wine that was produced in that villa.
8:30 PM - Hold the tears and say goodbye
Time to get back to town and say goodbye to a day filled with new experiences but more importantly, rich in new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
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