Why Tour With Us?

We love what we do, and we make a point of doing it. More important than service is the connection we want to create with you. We are not looking for customers, but friends who last the rest of our lives. We deeply know our customs, traditions, and above all, our kitchen and wine culture. We know where to look for excellence in the most hidden places, providing not a mainstream and commercial experience, but a genuine and real one.

So, we give the question back with a slight change...why not? Be Portuguese for a day with us.

Taste the Genuine

We will show and give you the real food, in the real everyday places, with no "sugar-on-top" for tourists. If you want to know us, you have to be us... for a day.

A Host

We don't want to be a "regular" guide throughout these experiences. We like to see ourselves as hosts that welcome you, and will make you feel at home.

Experience of a Lifetime

Nothing can be shown and understood if we're not part of what we are doing. Your thoughts, opinions and interactions with everyone are the building blocks to a memorable day.

Our Tours

3 Hours

Taste the Streets of Coimbra

A Unique Pedestrian Food Experience

Coming Soon

Wine DIY

From the Grape to the Glass

3 to 4 Hours

Welcome Home, Stranger!

Experience a Genuine Dinner at a Portuguese Home


What's Included


Some of our experiences will be pedestrian. Some won't. We take care of every transportation needed. Just sit back and enjoy.


Sometimes there will be just one, and other times we all join, because this is what we love the most. Nevertheless, you will always be accompanied by someone that not only knows the town and its people, but also where you'll eat and drink like a dream come true.


Everything you'll taste food or drink-wise is included in the experience. An extra glass of that fine bubbling white wine? No problem! We will join you.

Memories to save

Every photo and video taken during your experience will be sent to you along with a special item that you will keep as a reminder that you were Portuguese for a day...and you freaking loved it!

Like what you see? Join us and be Portuguese for a Day!