Experience a genuine dinner at a Portuguese home

Family Friendly 3 to 4 Hours 8 People Max

Have dinner at a Portuguese Friend's Home

Have we mentioned before how much we love to eat, drink and do it all in company of great folk? We love it so much that at least once a month we gather all our friends and crash at someone's house to feast and enjoy what is always a memorable night. We want you to join us in this unique experience and be part of our culture for one night. Drink, eat, make new friends, laugh and sing with us! Just don't spread it around 'cause our friend doesn't know his house about to get crashed!

Good guest, good food

We don’t go empty handed to someone's home for a meal when in Portugal. Never! Something home cooked, something typical from a place we recently visited or that old bottle of wine you saved for a special night, you always bring something for the tastes of the night.

Don’t worry…we got you covered..

Fun with a view

Our dinner party experiences are always in a fully remodelled house, where the huge terrace and the rooftop balcony are the main attractions. From there you have a view to University, the ancient Aqueduct and over the city hills.

Full table, happy room

Every Portuguese dinner party is like a Sunday lunch with the family. When you sit at the table to share food and wine you are a family member. Discussions and arguments, embarrassing stories about when someone was young or about the girlfriend or boyfriend, nothing is taboo. More than food and fine wine…making new friends for life is an everlasting taste.

We'll take care of you

Everything is included in your experience. After the meeting spot we'll take you to the dinner party, we take care of the "surprise food and drinks" and we will bring you back to the meeting spot in one piece. The only problem you'll have to worry about is if you really want to leave. We don’t mind. The night is always young for us.

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Where to be

7:45PM - Meeting Point

Meet us in a designated place for the evening previously informed via email and sms and let the fun begin. Lets take the time to get to know each other a little more, during our journey.

20:00PM - SURPRISE!!
We love the look in the face of our friend when he sees 10 people at his door step, holding food and drinks, expecting him to lodge everyone. We never warn, but rest assured, they are always welcoming. Set the table, fill it with food and drinks and let the fun begin.
23:30 Wrap it up
Feeling tired? Stuffed with food and you just can handle any more?! Well…its time to wrap up and get back to our meeting place. Promise that we'll meet next year, ok?

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June 2024
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“Who knew that being portuguese would be so much fun? At a certain point i ate and i drank without even knowing what i was getting into but all i can say is that i loved every second of it. Love from Greece André and Nuno!”
“I honestly don't know what i loved the most...if it was the food, the wines, the people i met or the PIC team...all i know is that i had a blast. I'll be back for the Dinner Party soon! Save me a seat guys!"

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